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2nd All India Online Painting Competition 2019 – Result and Selected Participants
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1. Name. Santosh chikkanna

Title: Sacred Cow

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Title: 36″x36″ Inch

2. Name. Sonjaye Maurya

Title: Sangha (Rising Above)

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Title: 15×53 Inch

3. Name. Pratik Vyas

Title: Dolatkhana pol

Medium : Watercolor on Paper

Title: 14×20 Inch

4. Name. Akshita Bharti

Title: Madhubani painting line art

Medium : Paper

5. Alok Talukdar

Title: Cityscape

Medium : Watercolor on Paper

Title: 9 x 12 inch

6. Anjal Sidhu

Title: Yin and yang

Medium : Watercolor

Title: 9×9 inch

7. Arshi Rathore

Title: Sylent Of Words

Medium : Oil On Canvas

Title: 40/50

8. Avigyan Bhattacharya

Title: Emotions Embedded

Size: 20 x 24 inches

9. Dr. Rakesh kuma

Title: Landscape

Medium: acrylic

Size: 1×1 inches

10. Renuka Sridhar

Title: Lord Ganesh

Medium: acrylic On Canvas

Size: 1×1 inches

11. Samiran Sarkar

Title: Varanasi Ghats at Early Morning

Medium: Watercolor on Paper

Size: 22×15 inches

12. Sanchita Ganguli

Title: Nari 2

Medium: Acrylic on Foregin Handamade Paper

Size: 11x12inches

13. Tithi Chowdhury

Title: My Dream Lamp

14. Bhanumathi Shettigar

Title: The first destiny

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas and varnish

12×18 inch

15. Bharti

Title: Malhar

Water color on Craft Paper

12 X 5 inch

16. Deepak Shoora

Title: My Light

Color pencils on Bristol paper

10 x 10 inch

17. dharmendra kumar singh

Title: Buddha


18×24 inch

18. Dr.Juni Menon


Title: The violin

Oil on canvas

36×30  inch

19. Manya Tibrewal

Title: Love and Peace

Acrylic on canvas, creta, spray paint, soft pastles

24×18  inch

20. Nivedita Agarwal

Medium: Oil Paintingon Drawing Sheet (200GSM)

Size: A3

21. Parveen Kaur

Title. The woman

Medium: Pencils

Size: 11.69×16.53 inch

22. Saumya saxena

Medium: Canvas

23. Dilbag Singh

Tittle: Creative Shiva painting

Medium: poster colour on paper

Size: 22×28 inch

24. Karuna Satghare

Medium: Medium Poster colour on board

Size: 12×9 inch

25. Neelam Kushwaha

Title: Mangal Murti

Medium: Oil Colour On Canvas

Size: 21X28 inch

26. Nivruttinath shivsharan

Title: Landscape

Medium: Acrylic on paper

Size: 25×18 inch

27. Priya gupta

Medium: Acrylic painting on canvas

Size: 28×23 inch

28. Sapna devi

Medium: oil canvas

Size: 26×29 inch

29. Usharani naraharisetti

Title: Mountain Blues

Medium: Water color

30. Vibha Munjal

Title: Durga’s vaahan

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 36×29 inch

31. Abhijeet Bapat

Title: Esctaty

Medium: Water Colour on Paper sheet

Size:  30 X 22 inch

32. Aleesha

Title: The days I wept for my father

33. Archana Singha

Title: (MadhubaniI) On Handmade Paper

Size: 18×24 inch

34. Ashish kumar jadia

Title: Chandani Raten

Medium: poster colour paper

Size: A4

35. Ashok Bapat

Title:X Mas

Medium: Oil crayon chalks on Paper sheet

Size: 18X 22 inch

36. Atharava Abhijeet Bapat

37. Chandram Devi


Medium: watercolour

Size: 29.5×21 Cm

38. Deepak Ram kushwaha

Title: Silent flute

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 48×36 inch

39. Delisha Godwal

Title: Portrait

Size: 10×12 inch

40. Durgendra Suryawanshi

Title: Kathakkali

Medium: Pencil Work

Size: 28 x 22.3 inch

41. Itysham Khan

Title: Lady With The Butterflies

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Size: 28 x 30 inch

42. Jyotriraditya Mahapatra

Title: Krishna’s Love

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas with Framing

Size: 24x 18 inch

43. Mohan Godwal

Title: Gandhi

Size: 20×30 inch

44. Narayan Kumar Das

Title: Stair

Medium: Pencil On Paper

Size: 60X36 inch

45. Preeti Modi

Title: My Ganesha

Medium: Canvas

Size: 10×12 inch

46. Ritu Singh

Title: Life Without Color

Size: 27.5×21.5 inch

47. Sanjeet Shakya

Title: The Last Sunday Life

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Size: 18×21 inch

48. Saroj Kumar Meher

Title: RadhaKrishna

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 24×20 inch

49. Shankar Maruti Zunjarrao

Title: Landscape

Medium: Print Making

Size: 10×12 inch

50. Sowmya Ankam

Title: Beauty in colours

Medium: Colour Pencils On Paper

Size: A4

51. Sudhathiru

Title: A Girl With Lotus (Keralt Murai )

Medium: Acrylic on canvas with texture

Size: 12×16 inch

52. Tarun

Title: Indian Aghori

Medium: Acrylic colour

Size: 30×40 inch

53. Yaswanth Kumar R S

Title: The Empowered Women

Medium: Acrylic on Cloth

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