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Battel of Karbala Iraq
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Battel of Karbala Iraq


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Battel of Karbala Iraq,This painting describes the great martyrdom of Imam Hussain a.s in the battle of Karbala. Imam Hussain (AS),
the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is known for his powerful presence in the battlefield during the battle of Karbala in 680 AD.
This battle holds immense significance in Islamic history, as it symbolizes the struggle for justice, truth, and resistance against oppression.
Imam Hussain, along with his small group of companions and family members, faced a formidable army of Yazid, the corrupt and tyrannical ruler of the time.
Despite being heavily outnumbered, Imam Hussain stood unwaveringly in defense of his principles and the true teachings of Islam. During the battle,
Imam Hussain displayed remarkable courage and steadfastness, fighting valiantly against the forces of evil. His famous quote,
“Death with dignity is better than life with humiliation,” reflected his unwavering determination to sacrifice his life for the sake of truth and justice.
Imam Hussain’s battlefield strategy was not only about physical combat but also about spiritual strength. On the day of Aashura, Imam Hussain(a.s)
found himself alone on the battlefield. Despite the unbearable grief of losing his loved ones, he continued to fight courageously. He faced multiple attacks,
sustaining numerous injuries. In the afternoon, Imam Hussain, weakened and covered in wounds, fell to the ground. As he lay on the battlefield, he raised his hands
in supplication, seeking help from the Almighty. It was then that he was fatally struck by multiple arrows and finally beheaded. The martyrdom of Imam Hussain at
Karbala is remembered annually during the month of Muharram, particularly on Ashura, as a solemn occasion for reflection, mourning, and a renewed commitment to
justice and resistance against oppression. “imam Hussain (AS) the Epicenter of human values”


Aminahmad Nathwala


Acrylic on canvas




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